About Us

Hello – I’m Rachel Bridge, and I’m guessing that the reason you are here is because you have read my book How to start a Business without any Money – thank you for reading it and also for taking the time to visit this website.

As you will know from the book, I started Entrepreneur Things to show that it really was possible to start a business without any money. I decided to start selling products that celebrate entrepreneurship because, well I really love entrepreneurs and I thought it would be nice to create a range of products that would inspire and encourage them.

As you can seeĀ I’ve started with mugs and canvas bags, but the plan is to add more products one day – if you’ve got some ideas about what you think would work and what wouldn’t, do let me know as I’d been really interested to hear your thoughts.

A bit about me – I’ve been writing about entrepreneurs for many years, initially as the Enterprise Editor at The Sunday Times and then later as a columnist for The Telegraph. I’m the author of eight books about entrepreneurship and personal development, including How I Made It and How to Make a Million Before Lunch and of course How to start a Business without any Money. All are available from www.amazon.co.uk

Please do feel free to contact me directly on rachel@rachelbridge.com anytime.